Eileen and Anouk at the river

It was a day in late September, it was Eileen’s birthday and she had Anouk coming over. Eileen asked Anouk to pose for her and they went to a river nearbly They found an old tree which was bent into the river bed and Anouk climbed on it. As Eileen was looking for the perfect angle and the best lights, she waded into the river up to her tights. You know how it is, a real photographer never minds getting her feet wet for the perfect shoot 🙂 … Anouk found it quite funny when Eileen got wet even before she did.  Soon Eileen’s boyfriend had to take over the camera as the girls started splashing each other and started a water-fight in the river. Anouk wore her grey jeans, black leather boots and a black t-shirt with a black PVC corset on top. Eileen was in her black jeans, black and red top and her short leather boots.

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