A wet Holiday in Croatia


Last week we have had a few very nice days in Croatia!

The first day we just relaxed and drove around the pretty Island of Krk to see the beaches and the city.

The next day we found a beautifull beach to shoot. We first had breakfeast in a water ski club and then I got into the beautifull see wearing leggings and a surftop. After that we had a very nice dinner in the city center.


The next day we went on a boat trip. Since it was to quiet we had a privat boattrip to see fishes,  birds and the beautifull Islands.  When we arrived at the city harbour I fell into the water! walked through all the city all wet. And decided to have some fun in the fountain. Then went back to the hotel to wash off the salt water.After that let it all Dry and we had some dinner in a nice restaurant!




The next day we would have a sports training in the gym next to the water. But Eileen decided  the weather was way to nice to do sports and she had a swim in her sporty outfit! We had some nice dinner in a pretty restaurant next to the sea, and had lots of pie for our last day in Croatia!  Video’/photosets coming soon 🙂