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NEW LIVESHOW on 30 January 2021

On the 30th of January @ 11:00 (AMS time) you can watch me again as I get soaked live in Freddypants, sneakers and a winter sweater. on camera for a Christmas special liveshow! Please join me on Patreon to get the links for the next liveshow. If you want to send your ideas, please write to info@wamderland.net

Eileen and Lea Gabrielle where planning on going for a party. As corona arrived it was canceled so they decided to have a bathroom party instead. They got eachother wet…

  Eileen was busy renovating the house for a day. She got herself quite dirty so she decided to wash off the stains in the bath. She started with the…

On a winterday Eileen and Leila came back after a walk in the cold. They took a cup of tea but decided that wouldnt be enough warm water. They decided…

Eileen was wearing her favorite blue spandex leggings when she decided to take a bath. Slowly she got herself wet with the hose until she was fully soaked.   NO…

Eileen was wearing her full white outfit with jeans, top and heels. She took some pics with her cat and decided it was time for a bath. She slowly got…

  Eileen was walking around in nature with her friends wearing her tracksuit when she decided to take a mudbath. She started slowly by walking into the mud. Smuding it…

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30 january 2021 - 11:00(AMS time)

Would you like to see your dream girl in your dream outfit getting wet in front of your eyes? Now you have the possibility to make your dreams come true. Join our Live Cam Show on the 30th of January 2021 at 11:00. Join Eileen’s Patreon site to not miss this unique opportunity .. just follow the link below


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